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Company Profile

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TANGLAND International Company, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TANGLAND GROUP, is the professional company for Trading & International Exchange and cooperation. We set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao, as well as overseas assembling plant, or/and showing room and service centre, in Pakistan, UAE, and some Asian & African countries.
TANGLAND GROUP is a comprehensive company including manufacturing, assembling, Casting & Foundry, producing Casting parts, Electric Vehicle, Tractor, Light truck, Semi-trailer, Steel ball and Nylon 6 products, Running an Industrial products’ Information & Exchange Platform, the headquarter is in Ji’nan, Shandong, and assembling, machining & foundry and casting plants are in Liaocheng, Jining, Tai’an and Weifang, the Information and Exchange platform named—TANGLAND INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY COMPANY.
We are mainly dealing with the importing and exporting, for Machineries, Vehicles, Equipments, Building Materials, Steel & Iron, Casting Foundry and related parts & components, regular Chemical, Nylon 6 products, Medical supplies and consumables, etc., there are our own 2000 dealers, overseas storages, overseas companies, our turnover is US dollar 150 Million, with our professional trading team efforts, and the vision to Create the Value for all the buyers and sellers.
We export 8000 sets Agricultural machines, 5000 units various light and Medium/heavy duty trucks, Semi-trailers, 30,000 sets Diesel engine and Generator sets, 15,000 tons various Casting parts, such as Pipe and fittings, Housing, etc., Steel/Iron Balls, 10,000 tons Nylon 6 Cord fabric and Yarn in the year 2016, we gather a lot of advantages for Agricultural machines, Transporting Vehicles, Power equipments, Casting Parts and Industrial materials, and enjoy the good marketing shares in One Belt & One Road countries, accumulate the exporting,  marketing and services experiences, found up the Sales+Service business mode, cooperate with dealers, agents, solve the challenges in machines exporting business, e.g., service, spare parts supplying, technical supporting, warranty, etc., and start the assembling and localization in some markets, which strengthen the acknowledge and reliability from clients and users.
TANGLND FAITH: To create the value for all the customers, is the only reason for TANGLAND existence

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